TOREX BELLOJET ZC Open Truck Loading Bellows With Integrated Dust Collector

Efficient and dust-free open-truck loading

BELLOJET ZC Loading Bellows are used for efficient dust-free discharging of dry, dusty bulk solids into open lorries/trucks.


The spouts are provided with inner tapered cones to contain the flow of material and an outer double bellows to provide for dust removal.

First the Loading Bellows is lowered from stand-by position towards the truck bed. As soon as the bellows outlet feet touch the bed, a slack cable switch mounted outside the transmission box stops lowering of the bellows. The limit switch inside the transmission box stops both full extension and contraction of the bellows. Material loading starts by opening the silo outlet valve.

During filling of the truck the filter fan continuously sucks dust through the external bellows into the integrated filter cartridges in the upper section of the unit exhausting excess air. A level sensor mounted under the dust skirt makes the loading bellows lift progressively maintaining the skirt constantly in contact with the stockpile. Contraction of the bellows back to stand-by position is started by the operator via remote control. Once the bellows is fully contracted, the cable limit switch inside the transmission box stops operation. The preset after shut-down cleaning cycle now provides for additional pulse-jet cleaning of the filter cartridges for another ten minutes.

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