EXTRAC RSM Manual Bag Opener

Dust-controlled bag dumping

Compact, user-friendly, maintenance-friendly dust-controlled bag dumping.


Produced in large series, the RSM Manual Bag Opener shows an industrial design as a result of in-depth assessment of user requirements in a number of industries.

The RSM Manual Bag Opener consists of a grille with a rest fitted on its front. The grille is mounted on top of a hopper which is supported by four feet. A fabricated hood with protection door fitted on its front covers the hopper and grille. RSM Bag Openers are manufactured from high-finish-grade materials and come with or without integrated de-dusting filter unit. In the version with integrated dust filter the filter elements are pneumatically cleaned by reverse air jet.

The operator puts the bag on the rest and pushes it on to the grille. He then slits the bag open with a vertical cut and shakes it empty. While the bag content may be discharged through a hopper or by BINSWEEP, a special rotary discharging device, into any type of feeder, the built-in fan operated, air jet cleaned dust collector filters the dust generated during emptying. The empty bag is dropped into the chute on the side which leads into the optional COM Waste Bag Compactor (see COM).

Manual RSM Bag Openers are designed to minimise material residue. They satisfy a large number of applications due to their modular component design.

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