Perfectly clean work environment thanks to efficient dust disposal

Simultaneous dust collection from up to four filters equipped with the unique RECOFIL Recovery System by EXTRAC.


EASYFILL is a specialised FIBC Filling Station for cost saving collection of dust for disposal. EASYFILL can collect simultaneously dust from up to 4 filters equipped with a RECOFIL Recovery System.

EASYFILL consists of a steel frame and a bulk bag filling unit including a semi-automatic system for bag sealing which prevents dust leakage during filling.

EASYFILL FIBC Filling Stations enable efficient filling of bulk bags. The empty FIBC is attached to stretching arms integrated in the filling head.

Filling starts as soon as the operator sets in action the mechanism to block the bag inlet ensuring it is sealed. Once the FIBC is filled up it is lifted by a forklift truck, removed from the steel frame and transferred to its further destination.

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