EXTRAC BAS Bin Activator

Robust, compact, and with food-grade sealing options

The BAS Bin Activator vibrates to facilitate material flow from hoppers or silos.


The BAS Bin Activator is a device of half convex, half conical shape. Set in vibration it facilitates material flow from hoppers or silos. It consists of a seamless carbon or stainless steel cone, manufactured on a sheet metal lathe, a seamless SINT engineering polymer seal with integrated upper and lower flange, suspensions for connection of the Bin Activator with the silo, as well as one or two OLI electric motovibrators.

To fit the BAS Bin Activator, the silo cone has to be shorter than usual, leaving a wide outlet section. A flange supplied before or together with the Bin Activator is welded on the silo outlet on site. Special suspensions and a seamless flanged SINT engineering polymer seal form a flexible connection between silo and Bin Activator. One or two OLI electric motovibrators fitted on the unit generate vibration of the Bin Activator every time the feeding device beneath the silo is started for material extraction. During operation the Bin Activator describes a gyratory movement which is transmitted to the material inside the silo. The result is smooth material flow through the Bin Activator outlet into the connected feeder.

The BAS Bin Activator suits certain applications, especially in the flour milling industry, to facilitate discharging of powdery or granular materials from silos or hoppers.

The use of this equipment ensures optimum feeding of the material causing a “mass flow” condition inside the silo, thus avoiding bridging or rat-holing phenomena.

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