WAM LBC Lump-Breaking Feeder Valves

Gentle crushing and no clogging, even with hardened materials

Safe and smooth segregation of bulk materials that tend to pack and form lumps during production and/or storage.


The design of the LBC Lump-Breaking Feeder Valve favors gentle crushing even with hardened material under a medium-high material column.

The device consists of a solid cylindrical body with inlet and outlet flange, an integrated crushing tool driven by a side-located electric motor and a rigid grid. To adjust to the required particle size both blades and grid are easily removable to be adapted according to the desired material characteristics,

The Lump Breaking Feeder Valve is fed with agglomerated solids which, after being crushed are discharged through the outlet towards further processing. The LBC is the ideal solution to break up snow-ball-like materials. It is particularly suitable for hygroscopic materials and those that are compacted under pressure, such as sugar, salt, silicates, chemicals, and food products in general. The LBC Lump Breaking Feeder Valve can be fitted in loading and/or discharging pipes, for emptying or filling drums, bins, or screw conveyors.

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