MAP WBN Tubular Batch-Type Ribbon Blenders

Keeping mixtures of fragile materials homogeneous

Conserving the physical properties of the product and achieving high quality thanks to clever mechanics.


The WBN Batch-Type Ribbon Blender, with its slowly turning single shaft double counter-pitch ribbon screw, is the ideal machine to obtain high quality mixtures with fragile materials, at the same time conserving the physical properties of the product.

Batch-type WBN Ribbon Blenders consist of a horizontal, single shaft double counter-pitch ribbon screw housed in a tubular mixing drum, a central inlet or a rectangular shape inlet port over the entire length of the mixing drum, an outlet with central discharge outlet, a venting spout, two drum closing end plates complete with integrated air or gas-purged shaft seals, and a drive unit complete with power transmission.

The outer helix moves the material from both ends of the vessel towards the centre, while the inner helix transfers the material towards both ends, performing a sort of convective mixing. The product is gently processed in a relatively short mixing time.

Typically, Batch-type WBN Ribbon Blenders are used for mixing dry PVC, dry powders or granules in general, as well as liquids and low-viscosity pastes.

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