WAM VHS Membrane Pressure Relief Valves

Reliable venting of abnormal pressure conditions that endanger bins or silos

Innovative operating principle enables instantaneous pressure balance, time-saving maintenance, and dust-emission recovery.


VHS Pressure Relief Valves consist of a cylindrically shaped metal body with clamped connection spigot to the silo, an exhaust outlet spout for duct connection, an elastic membrane able to re-establish pressure balance instantaneously, a counterweight kit to keep the valve closed under normal conditions, and a weather protection cover.

For some time, tighter safety regulations in industrialised countries have ensured stricter enforcement of rules regarding the safeguarding of silos and bins against excess and negative pressure. Soon other countries will probably follow this example.

The counterweight-loaded VHS-type Pressure Relief Valve has one decisive advantage over the other type offered by WAM, the VCP. Due to the moment of inertia of the helical springs on the VCP, pressure balance is re-established quickly but not instantaneously. The VHS, on the other hand, does this in real time. Through an interplay of pressure on different surface areas on both sides of a membrane fitted inside the valve housing, perfect pressure balance is achieved. In the event of excess pressure this interaction enables air from inside the silo to flow back into the atmosphere, whereas in case of suction pressure the air penetrates from the atmosphere into the silo.

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