MAP WBHP/WBHT Batch-Type Single-Shaft Mixers with Bomb-Bay Discharge

Product discharging in the shortest possible time

Ensure instant product discharge with residue of less than 0.1% (depending on the product mixed).


In addition to the features of standard WBH mixers, the WBHP and WBHT-type ensure instant product discharge with residue of less than 0.1% depending on the product mixed. A bomb-bay discharge is mandatory where discharge time has to be reduced to the minimum.

Bomb-Bay Discharge Batch Mixers of the WBHP type with 15° opening cross section and the WBHT type with a 60° opening satisfy any customer’s requirements in terms of high quality mixing in batch-type processes oriented towards optimised efficiency. An outlet opening over the entire length of the mixing drum ensures almost residue-free discharge of the product in the shortest possible time.

WBHP / WBHT Bomb-Bay Discharge Batch Mixers are the appropriate mixing machines for virtually all industries (building and construction, food, animal feed, chemicals, etc.) where the highest possible mixing quality and optimum productivity are required.

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