RONCUZZI EC High-Capacity Vertical Conveying

ATEX-certified vertical elevation of cereals and similar materials

The ideal solution for vertical elevation of cereals and similar materials.


EC-type Bucket Elevators are specialised for vertical elevation of cereals and similar materials. Designed for the application in areas subject to the European Explosion Protection Directive, ATEX, these Bucket Elevators are manufactured from hot galvanized carbon steel.

The machines consist of a head and a foot section which include solidly mounted roller bearings as support for the bucket carrier belt, an intermediate trunking section for bucket assembly and inspection, along with all the other intermediate casings. The particular belt and bucket design and materials offer high conveying efficiency.

The use of antistatic, oil-repellent, self-extinguishing belts, along with buckets manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), as well as the presence of anti-skid belt sensors, as well as rotation and control sensors provide highly efficient state-of-the-art performance in compliance with the relevant standards.

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