TOREX ILV Vibrating Level Indicators

Maintenance-free and suitable for very light powders

Precise and reliable continuous level measurement of powdery or granular material.


ILV vibrating level indicators find wide use in the continuous level measurement of bins, hoppers and silos that contain particularly light materials with a bulk density starting at 0.06 tons per cubic meter. This makes ILV an excellent option for situations in which the stored material is too lightweight or "fluffy" to prevent the rotating action of ILT level indicators.

ILV-type Bin Level Indicators are designed for electric signalling by fork vibration of minimum or maximum material level inside bins, hoppers or silos.

The piezo-electrically stimulated oscillating fork vibrates at its mechanical resonance frequency. If the probe is covered by the bulk material, the damping thus generated is registered electronically and a corresponding signal output is actuated. The actuators can be mounted on the top or on the side of hoppers and bins.

The ILV device is used for level monitoring in all types of bins or silos and for all kinds of powders or granular materials.

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