CIMMA Type II/A-III-IV-V/S Impact Crushers

Primary/secondary crushers by impact action for materials such as limestone, chamotte, clay, minerals, gypsum, lime

impact crusher

CIMMA Impact Crushers are used in the production of granulates and sand of medium-hardness rocks. They serve as the primary crusher for clay, kaolin, scraps of refractory material, bricks, grog, glass scraps, foundry slags, salts, lime, cement and gypsum.

The Impact Crusher with swinging armor plates can be classified among hammer mills. However, it offers the following advantages in comparison to other hammer mills:

  • Less wear of armor plates and hammers
  • Less production of fine powders
  • Possibility of processing even moist raw materials without obstruction, as there is normally no grate
  • Possibility of feeding large-size raw materials (200÷500 mm)

Construction features

  • Casing of welded steel plate, fully protected by wear resistant steel plates
  • Large rotor with 4 hammers, cast in wear resistant chromium alloy or manganese steel
  • Very strong and compact construction
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Possibility of adjusting the size of the product by varying the position of the armor plates and the speed
  • The machine cannot be obstructed by damp materials
  • The crusher can be supplied with special bar grate to obtain products with controlled granulometry (only for dry materials)

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