EXTRAC BINSWEEP Rotary Bin Dischargers

Comfortable bag emptying and discharging with minimum material residue

Comfortable and minimum-residue discharging of bulk solids from bags.


The BINSWEEP Rotary Discharger is an efficient discharging device for a variety of powders and granular materials. It is applicable to small bins or hoppers. Its low height reduces the overall dimensions of the system layout. Silent operation is guaranteed by rubber scrapers.

BINSWEEP is frequently used for recovery of dust from medium-size dust collectors.

BINSWEEP is a device by which powders or granular materials are discharged from small size bins or hoppers provided there is low headload. Flanged on the outlet of the bin or hopper, BINSWEEP has a bottom disc equipped with two rotating arms fixed at its centre. Rubber scrapers are fitted on the lower end of the arms that move the material towards an outlet in the bottom plate. A gear motor that applies motion to the rotary arms is mounted outside in the bottom centre of the disc.

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