WAM WAMAIR Versatile Polygonal Dust Collectors

The most versatile and compact dust collector range for industrial applications

Since 1990 widely recognized as the most versatile and compact dust collector range.


WAMAIR Dust Collectors consist of a polygonally shaped 304 stainless steel casing, horizontally or vertically inserted filter elements, and a reverse air jet cleaning system integrated in the hinged front easy access door. WAMAIR Dust Collectors are either built in for venting applications or come as a stand-alone unit with dust collecting hopper. Versions with an integrated fan are available for suction applications.

WAMAIR Dust Collectors separate dust from the air flow by means of pocket-type or special POLYPLEAT filter elements. Dust drops down after a programmable, automatic reverse air jet cleaning device integrated in the access door has removed it from the filtering elements. By opening the access door the operator can easily and safely remove the filtering elements from the clean air side. The dirty air flow may enter the filter casing from the top inlet flange where heavier particles are subsequently pre-separated while the flow is on its descent. Alternatively, dirty air may enter from the bottom flange which can be either connected to a PT-type WAM hopper or to the device to be de-dusted (silo, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, chain conveyor, etc.).

ATEX-versions for Zone 22 (Category 3D) and Zone 21 (Category 2D) are available. All ATEX versions are suitable for application in internal Zone 20.

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