WAM TECU Fume and Dust Filter

Efficient dust filtration from sheet metal cutting

Part of an integrated system for dust recovery together with the RECOFIL recovery device and the EASYFILL bulk bag filling and storage equipment.


TECU is a filter designed for suction and collection of fumes and dust generated by sheet metal processing machines. Supplied as an integrated system for dust recovery including the RECOFIL recovery device and the EASYFILL bulk bag filling and storage equipment, it automates dust disposal in a clean and health-protective manner, radically reducing maintenance costs versus traditional solutions, avoiding any plant downtime, and offering a very short pay back.

The filter consists of a stand-alone unit with dust collecting hopper and integrated fan (fan installed on the ground for models FLT12 and FLT24), a polygonally shaped casing, a built-in coarse particle separator, horizontally mounted filter elements, and a pulse-jet air cleaning system.

The dirty airflow enters the filter casing from the top inlet flange through a built-in coarse particle separator. An external spark trap, which is usually installed for plasma cutting applications, is used for pre-separation of sparks and heavier particles.

Due to negative pressure generated by the fan, the aspirated fumes are forced through the filtering elements, which collect the pollutant and let clean air exit into the environment.

Dust drops down into the dust-collecting hopper after an automatic pulse-jet air cleaning device has removed it from the filter elements.

A large variety of configurations regarding both filter surface area and filter assembly is available.

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