RONCUZZI TCG Chain Conveyors

ATEX-compliant multi-point material discharge

Specialised for conveying cereals, flour or similar materials, with multi-point material discharge.


Chain or Drag Conveyors are designed for conveying dry solids such as free flowing powders, granules, pellets and flakes.

The hot-galvanised, flanged casing consists of a tail and a head section, as well as a number of modular intermediate sections. The tail and the head section contain drag and transmission rollers. The design facilitates assembly and maintenance.

The drive unit is coupled on the drag roller by means of a direct geared motor or chain transmission.

Depending on the characteristics of the material handled and on the throughput rate required, the conveyor chain may be manufactured from blank and bent links or forged with pressed links.

The chain guide is made of Polyzene® or manganese steel depending on the application.

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